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Formerly known as Dr Peter Taylor and Dr Bernard Smith (220 Camberwell Road Practice)

Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Hawthorn East

Your teeth cast a major impression of your looks and personality. What if these teeth become decayed or get affected by oral diseases? Surely the outcome would be in the form of unhealthy and untidy teeth. There are various effective procedures that can restore the function and natural glitter of your teeth. One of these procedures is root canal treatment. 

The inflamed pulp in the tooth can cause you a lot of pain and may even lead it to an unbearable sensation of discomfort. This is where root canal treatment can act as the healer of pain right away. Our professional dentists will conduct a thorough inspection before recommending you to proceed with root canal treatment.

How Root Canal Treatment Works?

Drills are utilised to access the inside of the tooth where canals are located. Round drills are then used to remove all sorts of decay inside the tooth. The entire content of the root canal is removed. Number of canals inside the tooth vary for different teeth and individuals.

Cones are then placed in the empty canals to fill the bottom. Don’t expect the tooth to be fully prepared for chewing hard food items once the treatment is complete. It is always the best practice to place a customised crown over the treated tooth. Once done, your tooth is ready for normal functioning without causing you any further pain or discomfort. 

Do You Require Anaesthesia?

A local anaesthetic solution is used to numb the tooth under procedure. This ensures that the treatment remains comfortable for our patients. Your surrounding gums may also be subjected to anaesthesia depending upon the complexity of procedure. All such matters are properly inspected by our professionals and necessary actions are taken accordingly.  

How is Root Canal Treatment Beneficial?

The infection in your tooth would not confine there. This infection may spread to the neighbouring teeth if timely action is not taken. In order to prevent such a massive spread from occurring, an immediate and effective procedure like root canal treatment is the most optimal solution. Your tooth would be back to its good and healthy shape once again. What seemed to be a fully decayed tooth would appear to be a healthy part of your smile after root canal treatment.

Are you sceptical about the appearance of your teeth after such a dental procedure? Don’t worry! Your tooth will look natural even after treatment. The upper crown of the tooth covers the filling inside and makes the tooth look appealing. You can smile naturally without any worries.  

We Ensure Complete Protection of Canals from Bacteria

Before proceeding with the procedure, we place rubber or vinyl sheet over the tooth to prevent the bacteria of saliva from affecting root canals. Overlooking such minor and pivotal details can bring adverse results. Only a fully sterile tooth can be treated well with root canal procedure. Imperial Dental adopts industry-standard dental procedures and tools for optimal results. 

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